"(HelloIm)Rame, also known as reem111, is one of the group's artists, together with ytoti. He lives in the Netherlands and though his exact location remains unknown to this day, rumor has it that Oli is obsessed with finding him to deliver his trademark karate kick.

His tasks include doing graphic stuff, building mansions (for himself), Yogcaves, TARDISes and rollercoasters, test-riding those rollercoasters (a lot), drinking hot chocolate and keeping the peace between grain products and humans (or certain female dwarves). Rame is terrible with redstone and has to rely on analysing tutorials step by step, something for which he is way too lazy.

In real life, he likes playing the guitar, having vacation, playing games, watching movies and going to conventions to fanboy the Yogscast. He dislikes talking, being social, sports and almost any physical kind of exercise."

Role on the ServerEdit

Rame is one of the two official Icosikaidigon artists.


he runs a Youtube channel with amazing speedpaint videos,

A tumblr,

and you can contact him and the other Icos members on the Icos twitter page,

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