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He's an actual sponge.

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"Sam, also known as Sam is the team's redstone guy, in charge of making stuff work. The man is a proud inhabitant of Yorkshire, England, though living in Lincoln, attending the University.

Within the team, he helps out with building, but mainly tries to fulfill the team's outrageous requests with redstone and commands. Also, he has plans to host a podcast, trying to control the crazy of the others, as well as composing a little music for when it may or may not be needed.

Outside of the Matrix, Sam is a massive music head, constantly trying to find new, interesting musics to force down the throat of the internet and his friends, usually to no avail. Also, he can sing (though no one believes it) as well as play the trombone, though less so now he has no need for it. At university, he is studying Audio production, currently in his first year."

Role on the ServerEdit

Redstone. All the redstone.


He's an actual sponge.

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