Stoby, commonly refered to as Stobean, is an english muffin that is a regular contributor to Icos and the Yogmap. 

Role on the ServerEdit


Once there was a little boy only two years old. He and his family were happy until his parents were taken by an evil elf named pause for dramatic effect Vani. When he woke up the next morning he discovered his parents were muffins. He had a rough time in school though as the other kids teased him because his parents were food. he grew up wanting always to get back at that evil elf. When he was 14 he joined the knight cadets, however when he was 16 his parents were taken by the evil elf and supposedly EATEN. He was angrier and more upset than ever. He marched to Vani's castle but returned defeated. He forgot about his childhood worries and became a knight with a sexy wife. But he became overweight and could no longer fit into his armour. He took up the art of blacksmithery to make custom armour. However the army wouldn't accept him back and him and his wife became poor. The house was taken away and his wife became very ill and died. He decided he'd had enough of life too and walked to the lake to drown himself. He passed his old blacksmith hut and remembered how happy he was. He started making the lake to drown himself. He passed his old blacksmith hut and remembered how happy he was so he made strong iron tools for passers by and became successful. One night while he was sleeping the evil elf came back and captured him. He was turned into a muffin and thrown into the BREADBIN. He managed to escape however, just before being devoured. He went on the run and vowed to do whatever he could to get back at the evil elf without being eaten. Several years later he heard of the last piece of toast trapped inside the breadbin and headed back to the castle...

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